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This is Fruhauf Uniforms. We thrive on creative challenges as well as building meaningful relationships with clients along the way. Explore our Virtual Exhibit Booth, and contact us directly for more information.

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Known for craftsmanship. Appreciated for durability. Envied by marching bands nationwide. The legacy of these high-end, custom-fit and flexible garments is rooted in 110 years of tradition, adding to the experience of all musicians who’ve dawned one of our uniforms.

Built on the expertise of five generations, Richard, Kenny, and Landon are leading factory trained design, sales, and production staff. As this tradition continues, Fruhauf Uniforms is the only multi-generational, family-owned, band uniform manufacturer in the country. Guided by artisan craftsmen and intertwined with the history of band uniforms, from design to delivery, we ensure excitement and satisfaction with every garment produced.

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BLK Label

BLK Label Jacket

The future is now with the all new BLK Label Jacket by Fruhauf Uniforms. Unique designs combined with durable manufacturing methods makes for a one of a kind uniform. With BLK Label our goal was to create a uniform that would exceed the needs of the choreography required. The BLK Label jacket is lightweight and flexible. The tapered cut adds height all while minimizing the waist line on any shape and form. BLK Label jacket is 100% washable and ready to compete under intense pressure and heat. Take the virtual tour below to learn more about the BLK Label jacket's features.

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BLK Label Bibber

The BLK Label bibber is the answer you have been searching for. We redesigned our fit to give the tappered look of the modern marching band. The fit of the BLK Label bibber does not restrict the body during complicated choreography. It flexes with each movement. This bibber hugs the human form while fitting comfortably around the chest, torso, waist, and hips. Our BLK Label bibber features contoured slide buckles and harware to comfortably hug the body. The design of the BLK Label bibber ensures that your band will look great every time you take the first step onto the field. The bibbers on the market today do not suit the needs of the modern marching band. If marching arts are evolving shouldn’t the uniform evolve as well? The BLK Label bibber combines the fit of today with the functions of the tomorrow. The future is here, only at Fruhauf.

BLK Label Vest

The BLK Label Vest is the answer you have been searching for. Does your band want the flexibility to modify the look of your uniform year to year or show to show? The BLK Label Vest combined with a Competition Top gives your band the ability to easily change your look. Our vest is designed to make it extremely easy to alter to achieve an even snugger fit for the most competitive settings. The wide shoulder pad combined with the tapered fit of the waist and torso add height to the performer all while minimizing the waist line. The BLK Label vest will give your band a competitive look every time you step onto the field. Take the virtual tour below to learn more about the BLK Label vest's features.